We were delighted to welcome Joanna Bland and Cicily Hillebrand into school to deliver a nuclear chemistry workshop to our Y12 chemistry students. Joanna who is an chemist (and an ex-student of LMS) and Cicily who is a chemical engineer delivered an extremely engaging session involving the chemistry of nuclear fuel processing. The techniques that they are working on have the potential to make nuclear energy generation a more efficient and sustainable process with a greatly reduced environmental impact and the students enjoyed applying their understanding of chemistry to this new context. They  were also very interested to learn about the career progression that might be expected from working in the chemical sciences and engineering and our visitors gave lots of useful information about their route into these areas and how they see their careers progressing in the future. A huge thank you to Joanna and Cicily for such a rewarding afternoon and well done to Y12 chemists for the positive engagement and many insightful questions that were asked.

Mr Edge