Mr G Peat BA (Hons) NPQH NLE

Deputy Headteachers

Miss J Picknell

Mrs D Ridley

Senior Assistant Headteacher

Mrs D J Goodwin

Assistant Headteachers

Mr M Evans (Head of Sixth Form)

Ms C Osborn (Head of Years 7-11)

Business Manager

Mrs J Snell

Sixth Form

Mr M P Foyle

Mrs F Y Manvell

Key Stages 3 and 4

Mr K Mulholland (Head of Year 11)

Mr N Wallace (Head of Year 10)

Mr A J Johnson (Head of Year 9)

Mr J Palmer (Head of Year 8)

Mr R Martin (Head of Year 7)

Biology: Dr R Lennard

Business Studies: Mrs B Archer

Careers: Mrs H Derbyshire

Chemistry: Mr P Tattersall

Computer Studies: Ms J Thompson

Creative Art and Design: Ms R Gaunt

Design and Technology: Mr T O’Neal

Drama and Music: Mr M Doody

English and Media Studies: Mrs J Lansley

Food Technology: Miss H A Bontoft

Geography: Mrs L J Scott

History: Mr W Woodward

Mathematics: Mr K Byrne

Modern Foreign Languages: Mrs J Pritzlaff

Personal Development: Mr R Mason

Physical Education: Miss R Pownall-Jones

Physical Education (Boys): Mr R Allen

Physics: Dr A Ebbens

Psychology: Mr R Lee

Science: Mr R J Edge

Special Educational Needs Coordinator: Mrs C E Wilson