At Lady Manners School we believe that having an understanding of how parents feel about their children’s life at school is vital for our ongoing programme of improvements.

Lady Manners School Governors’ Questionnaire

The school Governors and staff are keen to encourage parents to let the school have their feedback by completing a questionnaire when they attend parents’ evenings. The questions asked are based on the Ofsted ParentView questions. We read every response and, where we are able to do so, will act on any comment or rating that indicates some level of dissatisfaction.

In order to investigate any concern we do need to have some essential information. We ask, therefore, that specific details are provided, or that a student, parent or carer name is given so that we can discuss the issue with them further. Please help us to improve by giving us enough detail to investigate.

Ofsted ‘Parent View’

When Ofsted inspect a school they take into account the views of parents when making their judgements. They do this through use of a similar online survey called ‘Parent View’. Ofsted’s Parent View is available for parents to complete at any time of the year (not just before an inspection).

What you told us

During the 2018-19 school year, 480 parents across all year groups took the time to complete our questionnaire. You can view the results below by clicking on the relevant aspect:

Questionnaires also give parents the chance to comment and we are delighted to have received positive feedback from many of the parents. Any concerns raised have been investigated where it is possible to have done so. The comments received have been relayed to staff.

What are we doing about it?

The responses are very positive overall. We are delighted that at least 96% of parents feel that their children are happy, safe and well looked after at Lady Manners School. It is equally encouraging to hear that at least 94% of parents feel that their child is making good progress and is being taught well.

Where there are slightly more ‘Disagree’ or ‘Don’t know’ responses than we would like, we are working on those areas. For example:

  • National figures show that all parents in the UK have an understandable concern about bullying. We have a relatively low number of bullying incidents at Lady Manners School, which we continue to tackle when they arise. We approach the issue in two ways. Firstly we aim to raise awareness at a school-wide level through campaigns involving corridor displays, assemblies and student group sessions. Secondly, we aim to deal with individual allegations of bullying promptly and effectively. We listen to and investigate discreetly and sensitively all allegations of bullying.
  • The introduction of a new Assessment, Recording and Reporting (Marking) Policy has improved the level of consistency of marking by all departments. This has helped the students to improve, leading to higher levels of parental satisfaction in this area.
  • A new approach to managing behaviour within the school was introduced in September 2019, in response to feedback from parents and staff. An improvement in behaviour is being seen as a result.

We continue to work hard in all other areas too. Any further feedback is always welcome.