Lady Manners School’s purpose-built library is a hub of learning and literary activities. The building itself is well used by students both as part of structured lessons, and during their free time at lunchtimes and breaks. In addition to an excellent stock of books, journals and magazines, the library contains a suite of computers which are used for online research.

The library staff, Mrs Hetherington and Mrs Lovell, are on hand to advise and assist. Their in depth knowledge of all things literary is a very useful resource in itself. They are always happy to make recommendations to students for their next ‘must read’ title.

The Library Online

When students can’t get to the library in person, they can still use its resources. The library page on Myvle is full of links to resources that can be used, free of charge, by Lady Manners School students. These include Encyclopaedia Britannica, JSTOR and guidance on making better use of internet search engines. These can all be invaluable when faced with a challenging homework.

Students can also access the library book loan system via the library page on Myvle. This shows them what they currently have on loan as well as providing details of books currently available in the library and making suggestions for titles they might like based on their loan history.

Encouraging your Child to Read

Children – and adults – who read widely find that their literacy skills, vocabulary and general knowledge are all improved. In school, we see that this translates to a greater confidence and willingness to take an active part in lessons. GCSE grades in all subjects, not just English, are improved too. By the Sixth Form it is expected that students will be reading around their subjects – not just the texts set by teachers.

All reading counts. If a parent can keep their child supplied with books that they enjoy reading then they will be directly supporting their child’s education. However, it’s not always that easy to know where to start when trying to find suitable tempting books. To help, Lady Manners School library staff have compiled the following useful resources for parents to use:

Children’s Book Review Websites

We use all of these websites in the library. They are listed in no particular order:

Other Useful Reading Related Websites

Barrington Stoke Barrington Stoke publishing super-readable children’s books that break down the barriers that can stop children getting into reading. This website will be of particular interest if your child has dyslexia.
Children’s Book Sequels Not sure if the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ comes before the ‘Chamber of Secrets’; or if ‘Catching Fire’ comes before ‘Mockingjay’? This handy website that lists the order of any children’s book series so your child can read them in the correct order.
National Literacy Trust Information relating to schools, teaching and literacy, including news, research, events, policy, and resources.