Lady Manners School’s purpose-built library is a hub of learning and literary activities. The building itself is well used by students both as part of structured lessons, and during their free time at lunchtimes and breaks. In addition to an excellent stock of books, journals and magazines, the library contains a suite of computers which are used for online research.

The librarian, Miss Newbould, is on hand to advise and assist. Their in depth knowledge of all things literary is a very useful resource in itself. They are always happy to make recommendations to students for their next ‘must read’ title.

  • Lady Manners School has a purpose-built library with 18,000 fiction/non-fiction books, magazines and e-readers to support reading and learning. There is a selection of specialist books for those students with dyslexia or who experience difficulties when reading text.
  • The librarian can provide tailored reading lists/recommendations for individual students.
  • Students can download the dedicated “My Cirqa” App onto their phones in order to search the library catalogue and manage their account. They are given a unique code which can be used on Moodle in school or on their phone.
  • There is a reservation system whereby students can reserve books which are then delivered to their form rooms before school.
  • There are 30 computers which are available for both staff and students. These give access to a selection of subject-specific, online resources, as well as Britannica Online.
  • Students are encouraged to take part in a National Reading Quiz and participate in reading awards. These include the Reading Challenge which is on 4 levels designed to encourage reading in Year 7 and Year 8. Prizes and House points are awarded for each level.
  • A Buddy Reading Scheme (Read-on) involves 6th Form students working with those struggling to read in Year 7 and Year 8. This is in tandem with the “Reading Wise” scheme run by the Learning Support Department in school.
  • Book Buzz is an initiative run by Book Trust where all Year 7 students can choose a free book from a choice of around 15 titles to keep. This also supports our Reading Challenge.
  • There is also an opportunity for Year Groups to meet an author. Previous Author visits have included Bali Rai, Chris Bradford and John Boyne.

OFSTED REPORT 10-11 March 2020

“Reading is a key priority….  The Library is well resourced and well used. Pupils said that staff “help make reading fun” “

Children’s Book Review Websites

We use all of these websites in the library. They are listed in no particular order:

Other Useful Reading Related Websites

Barrington Stoke Barrington Stoke publishing super-readable children’s books that break down the barriers that can stop children getting into reading. This website will be of particular interest if your child has dyslexia.
Children’s Book Sequels Not sure if the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ comes before the ‘Chamber of Secrets’; or if ‘Catching Fire’ comes before ‘Mockingjay’? This handy website that lists the order of any children’s book series so your child can read them in the correct order.
National Literacy Trust Information relating to schools, teaching and literacy, including news, research, events, policy, and resources.