Lady Manners School has a tiered approach to supporting the Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing of our students. Our whole school mission and ethos, policies, pastoral system and best practice support positive Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing of all children. Where children show emerging needs, they are supported by targeted provision available in school through the Wellbeing Team (Early Help Provision). Students with more complex needs will supported by the help of specialist external agencies

At Lady Manners School, we aim to promote positive mental health for every member of our staff and student body.  We pursue this aim using both universal, whole school approaches and specialised, targeted approaches to support our young people.

Lady Manners School has a strong Inclusion Faculty to support the needs of all of our students and families. The Inclusion Faculty includes our Designated Safeguarding Leads, Heads of Years, Pastoral Support Assistants, SEND team, Early Help team, counsellor, Compass Changing Lives Mental Health Support Team and the NHS School Nursing Team. The Inclusion Faculty does not replace Social Care or clinical mental health support.

There is more awareness than ever about mental health and the importance of emotional wellbeing throughout our society. There are many agencies and organisations we can turn to for help when we feel unable to cope, however, we can also look after ourselves more effectively to protect our emotional health. We are keen to instil resilience and independence in all of our students, and self-care plays a significant part in this. How much we sleep, what we eat and drink, how much we exercise all affect how we feel physically and emotionally. The world we live in is arguably more demanding than in the past, so the strategies we use to cope with stress are also crucial in maintaining a healthy, positive and productive lifestyle.

Further to the support we offer in school, below are a vast range of organisations and advice on self-care.