Department for Education Performance Data

The Department for Education maintains details of school performance, characteristics and spend per pupil data for all schools. Click here to see the achievement and attainment performance data held by the Department of Education for Lady Manners School.

A summary of our 2023 results can be found below:

Key Stage 5 Results

Due to the pandemic, no national data (L3VA) was produced for KS5 in 2023.  However, the school uses Alps to monitor Key Stage 5 performance.  The Alps analysis puts the A Level results at Lady Manners Sixth Form in the top 10% of schools nationally for the progress that the students have made from their Key Stage 4 starting points.

KS5 2023
Average Grade (all) B
Average Grade Applied Distinction+
ALPs Grade (A Level) 2

The % grading for 2023 can be seen below.

A*-A A*-B A*-C Pass Rate
A Level 33% 62% 86% 100%
Vocational 76% 95% 100%


Key Stage 4 Results

The Progress 8 Score for schools is published in October 2023 and in February 2024.  The data below will be updated accordingly.

KS4 2023
Attainment 8 50.1
Grade 5+ (English + Maths) 48%
Grade 4+ (English + Maths) 76%
Progress 8 -0.01