At Lady Manners School we strive to attain the highest standards in our work, have respect for others and develop our individual talents.

We make the most of strengths that are shaped by traditional values and we are active in preparing for the future.

We strive to establish processes, outcomes and facilities that make our aims possible.

Pour Y Parvenir

The motto on the school badge, ‘Pour Y Parvenir’, is a French expression and we tend to translate it as ‘Strive to Attain’. We want students to be successful in school and also in their life beyond school. Our mission statement and values reflect this intention.

Mission Statement

At Lady Manners School, curiosity, self-belief and resilience help our students develop knowledge and high aspirations, ready to tackle the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Through a broad and balanced curriculum, and extensive enrichment opportunities, we encourage critical thinking, a global perspective and respect for our core values. Students thrive, displaying positive attitudes promoted by understanding, inclusivity and the celebration of diversity.

School Values