Welcome to Careers!

These web pages give both students and parents/carers comprehensive information, advice and guidance on career choices with links to useful websites. Linked to this page, there are further individual pages with more detailed information for each Key Stage. There are also further resources available to students on the careers pages on Moodle, including access to information databases.

The school’s Career Guidance Policy can be downloaded from the Policies and Documents page.

Lady Manners School Careers Department

We have a Careers Team at Lady Manners School; Mrs VonGyer, Ms Jackson and Mr Pacey who are the Careers Leaders at Lady Manners School. Please contact them via info@ladymanners.derbyshire.sch.uk should you have any queries relating to Careers.

Mr S Pacey is employed on a part-time basis to support the delivery of Careers within school.  He is a qualified Careers Adviser, holding the Level 6 Diploma in Career Guidance.  A registered Career Development Professional with the Careers Development Institute (CDI), listed on their professional register. He holds accredited Careers Leadership and Careers Education qualifications and is a professional mentor for the CDI.  Mr Pacey is bound by the CDI code of ethics to promote impartial careers guidance.

The Careers Team is the first point of contact for all careers related matters. The team can be contacted by emailing info@ladymanners.derbyshire.sch.uk or by telephone on 01629 812671.

Year 11 Student Destinations

For more information on student destinations, please click here to see the achievement and attainment performance data held by the Department of Education for Lady Manners School, where you can also compare different schools’ performance. Alternatively, please contact the careers team.

How is career learning delivered, accessed and the impact measured in school?

The careers programme is delivered via the Personal Development Curriculum Area in school and through outside support.  Students in Year 9 upwards have access to Morrisby to track their career progress.  The school uses Compass+ to measure the careers provision against the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Education and training provider access to Lady Manners School students

Education and Training Providers will be invited to appropriate school based careers events and a list of such events, together with the school’s access policy, can be found here.

Additional sources of information

Moodle (the school’s virtual learning environment) contains further information and links to careers information databases, higher education course ideas and work experience details. There are individual Moodle pages for each Key Stage and the Sixth Form. Students will need to enter their school username and password to access their Moodle careers pages.


If you have any suggestions or comments about the careers work at Lady Manners School, please contact the Careers Team in the first instance or phone school on 01629 812671.