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Choosing a secondary school is an important decision. We are proud of our school and hope that our website can give you a feel for why our students enjoy coming to Lady Manners School and develop into confident young people with high aspirations.

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Transition from primary school

We want our new Year 7 students to feel as happy and confident as possible about coming to Lady Manners School and we go to great lengths to make this happen.

As our school continues to adapt to the highly unusual circumstances caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our normal arrangements may be replaced with online and virtual experiences of the school.
Normal arrangements
  • Autumn of Year 6
    • Open Evenings are held at which we welcome any student and their parents or carers to come and have a look around our school
    • Application deadline: October
  • Spring/Summer of Year 6
    • School places offered: March
    • Year 7 Tutors visit primary schools: May/June
    • Greenaway Literacy Day: in June/July, Year 6 students at partner primary schools join us in our library for this literary event.
    • Moving On Days: in June/July, Year 6 students who have accepted a place at Lady Manners School join us for a day to get to know the school and to meet new friends.
    • Extra visits to school: visits are planned during June/July for Year 6 students who need extra time to get to know our school.
    • Taster Day: in July, all Year 6 students who have accepted a place at Lady Manners School visit us for their Taster Day, when they meet their form tutor and join activities designed to introduce them to some of the subjects we offer.
    • Taster Day (evening meeting for parents and carers): during the evening of the taster day, parents and carers of Year 6 students take their turn to learn about life at Lady Manners School and to see where their child will spend their time.
  • Autumn of Year 7
    • First day of school: September.  Further information to help prepare for the first day of school is available on our New to the school? page
    • Year 7 'Welcome to my School' Evening: in October, Year 7 students invite their parents and carers to school to an informal evening where they can meet their child’s Form Tutor, see their tutor base and meet their child’s classmates.

Information about Lady Manners School

You may find the following information about Lady Manners School useful:

Admissions Policy Visit our 'Policies' page to download a copy of our Admissions Policy
Curriculum Details of the curriculum studied for each subject, by school year
Clubs and Activities Download a brochure showing the wide range of extra-curricular clubs and activities run at the school
Facebook Like our Facebook page for regular news about our students’ achievements and activities
Latest news School news items from the past year
New to the school? A page for parents of new Year 7 students, shedding light on the first day of school
Ofsted and school performance data Links to the school's latest Ofsted report, and Department of Education performance data
Parents' Association Information on the fundraising and social activities organised by the Parents' Association
School day How the day is arranged at Lady Manners School
School meals Details of what our students can choose for lunch
School uniform What is the uniform and where to buy it

Information from Derbyshire County Council

You may find the following information, available from Derbyshire County Council, useful:

Derbyshire County Council (DCC) Visit the DCC Admissions page for information about the admission process.
School Transport Information on school transport.
Find your 'normal area' school If you're not sure in which school's geographical area you live, you can use the DCC 'Find your normal area school' tool to find out.