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Action and Adventure at Lady Manners School

Lady Manners School Year 8 students were the first in the world to receive copies of Matt Dickinson’s new book, ‘North Face’.

Matt, who is the school's Patron of Reading, is an award-winning writer and filmmaker. He has explored Antarctica, Africa and the Himalaya, and has reached the summit of Mount Everest. His adventures have led him to write fiction for teenage readers.

'North Face', the second in the 'The Everest Files' trilogy, features Ryan Hart, an 18-year-old adventurer, who is caught up in an illegal rescue attempt on Everest's treacherous North Face, following a lethal earthquake.

Lady Manners School students were treated to a day of activities and hair-raising tales, led by the inspirational author. They are also lucky enough to be the first to lay their hands on the new book, at the world-wide launch of this title at Lady Manners School on Thursday 10 March.