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Sixth Formers step into the future

Four Lady Manners School Sixth Formers have taken a step into the future, as regional representatives in the finals of the UK Space Design Competition.

This highly respected competition is supported by the Space Science & Engineering Foundation (registered charity 1142329), the UK Space Agency, Royal Academy of Engineering and Dangoor Education. It takes the form of a series of industry simulation games for secondary school students, set in the future.

The students, Ajaz Ahmed, Charlotte Hawley, Becky Kennion and Dennis Lindebaum, travelled to London to take part in the UK finals, having won a place at the East Midlands regional heat. The UK final comprised a very full two day event in which they were teamed with other schools to form a 'company' of approximately 50 people.

The task at hand was to propose the design, development, construction, and operations planning of the first fusion-propelled space settlement, which will serve as a 'space cruise liner' enabling 80-day transits between Earth and Mars. The scenario was set in the year 2076.

The four Lady Manners School students joined the company 'Grumbo Aerospace' and were given a list of requirements for the space settlement. They had a day to organise themselves and their colleagues to come up with a detailed design. The following day, this was presented to a 270 strong audience and a panel of judges, which included experts in the field and representatives of the UK Space Agency, at Imperial College.

The challenge was very complex and not much sleep was had on the Saturday night as the teams battled to complete their designs and presentations.

The Lady Manners School students worked incredibly hard, quickly acquiring skills in mediation, organisation, role allocation, time management and communications. Our students, although not winning the national competition, have gained significant life skills and experience from this amazing event.

Congratulations to Ajaz, Charlotte, Becky and Dennis for their excellent achievement!