Lady Manners School Sixth Form has received an award for the consistently strong progress made by its A Level students.

The country wide performance indicator shows that progress made by the school’s sixth form students has been in the top 25% across the last three years. This underpins last year’s A Level performance, which was in the top 10% nationally.

The progress made by students across the UK is measured by comparing their A Level grades with what they received at GCSE. The school’s ranking shows that its Sixth Form students consistently make better progress at A Level than 75% of the rest of the country.

Mark Evans, Head of Lady Manners School Sixth Form, said: “This is an amazing achievement, and one of which we are very proud. It is testament to our students that they achieve this level of academic success whilst also adding greatly to the rich and varied life of the school through clubs and activities; fund raising for charity; taking leadership roles and supporting younger students. I’d like to congratulate our Sixth Form students from the last three years for their achievements and to the staff who taught them.”

If you’d like to be part of this continuing tradition of success, the deadline for applications for entry to Lady Manners School Sixth Form is on Friday 25 January. Details are available at Sixth Form.