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Lady Manners School

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Use the links below for quick access to school systems:

Email link (Microsoft Outlook)

School username and password required.
If you need help accessing your emails, the downloadable file at the bottom of this page gives further information.

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Myvle - virtual learning environment
School username and password required.

WisePay logo

Online payment for school meals. 
WisePay username and password required.

Problems logging on to WisePay? If you've changed your WisePay password, your username will have changed too - to your email address. 

Lady Manners School peacock logo

Access to additional school information and resources.
lmsnet\username and password required.

  Your Work and the Shared Area
Access to your work is possible when not at school by using a piece of software called Ranger Outpost.  School username and password required for access to Ranger Outpost.

Click here to access the intranet for more information, and to install Ranger Outpost onto your PC.   lmsnet\username and password required for access to the intranet.


Guidance on accessing Lady Manners School systems: