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Years 7, 8 and 9

Director of Studies: Mr R Edge
Curriculum Leaders:

Dr R Lennard (Curriculum Leader for Biology)
Mr P Tattersall (Curriculum Leader for Chemistry)
Mrs C Sinnott (Curriculum Leader for Physics)

Subject structure:

A science student at workIn Years 7 and 8, students are taught a broad range of science over five periods a week. Students are taught in form groups in Year 7 and in mixed ability sets in Year 8.

Students are tested by pieces of assessed work throughout the topics. Some of these are practical tasks, some are explanation or modelling tasks and some are mathematical. This gives students exposure to a wide range of skills through the assessment programme, and allows teachers to pinpoint areas of strength and weakness. This focus on practical work and scientific skills allows us to develop young scientists who are ready for the challenges of the new GCSEs.

There will be testing points in Year 7 and Year 8 during test week and there will be another test at a relevant point in the year.

What we learn:

Year 7 - Autumn Term

  • Biology: Cells and Organisation
  • Chemistry: It's a Small World
  • Physics: Forces and Motion

Year 7 - Spring Term

  • Biology: Nutrition and Digestion
  • Chemistry: The World at Your Feet
  • Physics: Energy

Year 7 - Summer Term

  • Biology: Reproduction and Health
  • Chemistry: Elements and Reactions
  • Physics: Earth and Space

Year 8 - Autumn Term

  • Biology: Respiration and Photosynthesis
  • Chemistry: Acids and Alkalis
  • Physics: Electricity and Magnetism

Year 8 - Spring Term

  • Biology: Gas Exchange, Skeletal and Muscular Systems
  • Chemistry: Reactions, Mass and Energy
  • Physics: Electricity and Magnetism/Waves

Year 8 - Summer Term

  • Biology: Gas Exchange, Skeletal and Muscular Systems/Genetics and Evolution
  • Chemistry: It's a Reactive World
  • Physics: Waves

Year 9:

In Year 9 students begin the GCSE course so that they can complete it over a period of three years giving them an additional option to choose in Year 10. In Year 10 students will follow the Combined Science route or they can choose to do Triple Science which gives them separate GCSEs in each of the Sciences. We use the AQA exam board specifications for both courses.