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Lady Manners School

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Years 7, 8 and 9

Curriculum Leader: Miss R Pownall-Jones
Curriculum Leader of Boys' PE: Mr R Allen

Subject structure:

All students in Year 7-9 study PE for 3 periods a week.

What we learn:

In PE we want students to enjoy learning and aspire to develop the skills of themselves and others. We want students to develop confidence and responsibility in leading one another and when trying to improve. We aim to ensure that our students are fit and healthy and well prepared for future and adult life.

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Year 7:

In Year 7 students will:

  • acquire and develop skills in a variety of games and physical activities
  • evaluate and improve performance
  • learn techniques
  • learn tactics and rules
  • develop physical and mental capacity

Year 8:

In Year 8 students will:

  • develop a range of skills
  • develop precision, control and fluency
  • use tactics
  • improve fitness
  • identify and improve strengths and weaknesses

Student playing footballYear 9:

In Year 9 students will:

  • refine and adapt skills
  • develop precision, control and fluency
  • refine tactics and strategies
  • improve fitness
  • undertake analysis of performance
  • learn about leadership