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Years 7, 8 and 9

Director of Studies: Mr T Maunder

Subject structure:

All students in Years 7-9 study music for two periods a week.

What we learn:

In all years they will study music through practical activities and through regular access to computers.

Year 7:

In Year 7 we explore the main elements of music focusing on rhythm and beat, pitch and timbre through a variety of activities involving composing, performing and listening activities.

Music lesson imageThrough individual, paired and group work students will study the main families of musical instruments, medieval music and folk song traditions and develop an understanding of a variety of music from different places and historical times. Students will develop performing skills on a variety of instruments including voice and keyboards and use traditional notation to increase their understanding.

Year 8:

Students will continue to develop their understanding of music through composing, performing and listening activities. We will understand how musical clichés and traditions have shaped the sound of music from all different times and places, through scales and other musical devices. We will explore how music can create a dramatic effect and tell a story, both in programme music and in the musical. We will further develop their keyboard skills and introduce instruments for pop cultures such as the electric and bass guitars, and drum kit.

Year 9:

In composing, performing and listening activities, students will learn how the elements and traditions of music are used in popular music in the study of Blues; Jazz; 50's and 60's styles of music; music for film; and the music of today. Students will use the skills they have acquired during previous years to produce individual and independent musical performances.