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Years 7, 8 and 9

Director of Studies: Mr T O'Neal

Subject structure:

All students study Design and Technology for two periods a week.

What we learn:

Year 7:

Design and Technology studentThroughout Year 7 we discover Design and Technology in a fun and practical way. We learn how to work safely and independently within a workshop whilst making useful and novelty products by manipulating a range of materials. We experiment with a wide range of processes and use hand tools and machines to help with manufacturing. Towards the middle of the year we investigate electronics and control systems in a major project. We aim to develop research, design and making skills to prepare students for this wide ranging subject.

Year 8:

In Year 8 we build on the skills learned in Year 7 through a range of practical design and make projects. Projects are varied and taught on a rotation basis and have specific focus areas of: computer aided design and manufacture (CAD/CAM); advanced metals processing (casting); electronic product design as well as general workshop practice and health and safety. We aim to reinforce and extend students' knowledge by linking fun activities with commercial manufacturing understanding and an introduction to some new, challenging topics.

Design and technology studentYear 9:

In Year 9 we offer two courses for students - 'Core' and 'Drama-Link'. The core course is followed by all students and learning is delivered through a range of projects; one of which introduces more advanced electronics and others take the format of the GCSE style, where independent research and investigation skills are developed. By the end of Year 9 (Key Stage 3), we aim to consolidate Year 7, 8 and 9 and to have provided students with a solid grounding in Design and Technology through active and practical learning.

The Drama-Link course is taught as an element to the Drama Curriculum and gives students a chance to develop and understand theatre design.