This year, Lady Manners School offered a week of summer school transition activities to all the Year 7 students who joined us in September 2021. The programme largely focused on English, Maths and Science during the morning sessions, with activities such as students becoming journalists to interview characters from a book, becoming researchers to look into the setting for a novel, completing science experiments with a Harry Potter theme and analysing statistical data about themselves.

In the afternoons, the programme focused on more creative and friendship-building activities including participating in team sports, designing a clay tile, playing French games and learning sign language. Other opportunities were offered for students who were finding transition more of a challenge. These included attending workshops to help overcome any anxiety or worries about starting a new school and an opportunity to meet some of our SEND and well-being teams.

Each student was offered a 2 or 3 day programme throughout the week commencing 9 August. Over 200 students attended and the week was a huge success with positive feedback received from parents, students and staff involved.

Summary Report – Summer School Costs
Total Number of Students Invited 240
Total Number Attended 212
Pupil Premium Places Available 28
Pupil Premium Attended 25
Breakdown of Costs
Safeguarding and Admin £        3,742.82
Teaching and Resources Costs £      16,225.12
Support Costs £        4,538.61
Total £      24,506.55