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Keeping Safe

This page aims to provide you with information and links to further sources of advice to help you support your children during this exciting, and formative, period of their lives.

Health and Wellbeing

Useful links for parents, as we become aware of them:

E-cigs, Drugs and Alcohol Use
Talk to Frank Honest information about drugs. Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is an American website full of information about drugs including e-cigs, drug use and advice for parents. A link to the Drugs and Alcohol area of the 'Your Teen' website containing articles about drug and alcohol use in teenagers.
Mental Health
YoungMinds The #Take20 Parents’ Hub includes ideas, questions and activities to help parents to talk to their children about difficult subjects. YoungMinds also provides routes to further support specifically for parents.
HANDi app Developed by paediatric consultants, this free app provides guidance and care plans for most common childhood health concerns

Online Safety

The following links will help parents to understand the terminology, and the risks. They also provide resources to help you support your child in their life online

General Guidance
Parent Zone Information to help families to deal with the many difficulties that are thrown up by the pace of technological change.
Thinkuknow: Parents The latest information to help parents understand the internet and realise what the risks are, so that they can support their children's internet use
Thinkuknow: Students The latest information on the sites teenagers like to visit, mobiles and new technology
Google family safety center Google's informative safety centre including simple step by step guides

Informative website promoting the safe use of the web to connect with others. It contains guides for parents on mobile phones, Instagram and Snapchat.

Parent Guides
Snapchat Snapchat is a hugely popular social media app among teenagers. This guide, from National Online Safety, informs of the dangers associated with the app, and how to reduce the risks, including sexting, snap map and snap streaks.
Yubo Yubo is a location-based social networking app which used to be called Yellow, which has been dubbed ‘Tinder for teens’. This guide, from National Online Safety, informs of the dangers associated with the app, and how to reduce the risks.
Parental Controls

At school, we filter all internet content so that students are safe at school. Parents can do the same at home by ensuring that their computers, laptops and other devices with internet access (like mobile phones and tablets) are all fitted with parental controls. Free downloadable versions can be found online, or by contacting your internet service provider (such as BT, Talk Talk, Sky etc) for more information. You can also set parental controls on search engines, YouTube accounts, games consoles and your child's mobile phone:

Xbox Guidance on setting parental controls on Xbox 360 and Xbox One
PlayStation Guidance on setting parental controls on PlayStation4, PlayStation3 and PlayStation Vita
Nintendo Guidance on setting parental controls on Wii and DS
Mobile phones Ofcom guide on buying a mobile phone or tablet for your child

Private Fostering

Most children spend some time staying with friends and relatives at some time during their childhood. However, for some children these arrangements can be longer term. If a child aged under 16 years (or under 18 years if they are disabled) goes to stay with people who are not related to them for 28 days or more, this is known as a Private Fostering Arrangement and special rules apply.

If you think this applies to you, click here to download a leaflet that explains more, and provides information on the assistance available for such circumstances. You can also visit the Derbyshire County Council website for information, and see the school's Private Fostering Policy on the Policies and Procedures page for details on the school's responsibilities towards students in private fostering arrangements.