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Lady Manners School

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Lady Manners School Quiz

Lady Manners School Quiz

Answer these questions to see how much you’ve learned about Lady Manners School. All the answers are available on our website. We will send a prize to those who submit their entries so why don’t you have a go?

Since 1912, our school history has included a house system. Since the 1960s there have been four houses. Which of the following is not a house at Lady Manners School?
The school’s motto is ‘Pour Y Parvenir’, which reflects our school aims. What does it mean?
What is the school emblem?
What could you have to eat as part of your school meal on Mondays?
When buying school uniform for Lady Manners School, what colour will your trousers or skirt be?
We have changed the times of our school day. At what time does school now finish?
How many clubs and activities do we usually offer?
Lady Manners School has a long school history. In which year did the school begin?

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